How the shampoo works + how to use it! – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

How the shampoo works + how to use it!

These modern day products are built on the ancient and powerful remedies of the original herbalists, our ancestors. inspired by the remedies + rituals of cultures like the Native Americans and ayurveda. These recipes incorporate their methods and ingredients that were once used.

Every single ingredient has a powerful benefit, intention and purpose to bring your hair back to its original, healthy and thriving state. Yes, there is a proper way to use this shampoo. We can go into all the science behind how these natural ingredients synergistically work together, but I'll be sure to make it brief.

PUMP a small amount of shampoo into your hands and rub them together. Apply directly to your scalp and massage - really get in there. You may not see a lot of foam and that's because these suds are getting down and dirty, quite literally attaching themselves to the dirt/oil you’re trying to rid. It’s a solid buddy system.

RINSE these suds will wash away the unwanted oils, any build up, etc.

PUMP a small amount of shampoo back into your hands and rub them together. Now apply to all hair and scalp. You will see much more foam because these suds won't have the dirt molecules to attach to. Now your hair/scalp can swim and enjoy the sudsy nutrients and oils it's been yearning for. Give it a thorough cleanse, rinse and apply conditioner.

NOTE: You may notice you won’t have to shampoo as often. this method will help balance your oil production so don’t be mad if you don’t have to shampoo as much. Using even less shampoo and using less water - now we are being even more eco-friendly, enjoy!