SWEET BABY ORANGE for my sweet baby

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...and the biggest under luna fan, like she had a choice. becoming a mother for the first time brought up just about a million of questions, but there was at least one security that I had. I had already done my research and was thoroughly prepared with bath products. It's pretty daunting when you go over to the bath products aisle for kids and there are a million and one products for diaper rash, body wash, tear-free shampoo, lotions, fragrance free wipes and ointment after ointment. If you're not too savvy at reading ingredients labels, it's an overwhelming task of figuring out what products are the least harmful - because most are completely saturated with chemicals and ingredients you should keep your kids far far away from!

In the beginning under luna products were primarily focused on hair on men and women and this was all before I had my daughter, but then I got to thinking about my own nieces and knowing what was on the shelves, I quickly knew they needed even more protection from these products as their bodies and brains are quickly developing and just as quickly absorbing all the toxins in these commercial products.

for me, as a mom and an aunt, knowing these products that are being lathered onto the skin and essentially getting into their bloodstream are completely safe, there are no harmful chemicals, better yet full of ingredients that are benefiting them and that is so reassuring. There's no second guessing if what I'm applying to my daughter's skin is subtly reeking havoc on her system. I'm currently using it as her body wash + shampoo (she doesn't have much hair) and I might just be sneaking it away from her from time to time to use it as my shampoo because it smells so delicious!


SWEET BABY ORANGE SHAMPOO |created for babies 6 months and up but also known to be used by a LOT of adults (all hair types)

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