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all products applied to your body should be clean enough to put in your mouth. that is our belief and this is how we support it through our use of ingredients.

you will never see ingredients that are toxic and unsafe. all ingredients are derived from the ingredients we source from the earth : vegetables, fruits, bark, plants, trees, herbs, flowers.


glossary of all our ingredients:

aloe vera | one of the oldest mentioned plants on record due to its medicinal properties and health benefits, reaching as far as 6,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. over 200 biologically active, naturally-occurring constituents. it is the ultimate source for skin hydration. aloe was regarded as a sacred plant the “blood” of which held the secrets to beauty, health and immortality. 

aspen bark extract | natural and safe preservative. an ideal microbial, the bark is rich in salicylates that may which acts as a natural defense mechanism against invading parasites. 

avocado fruit oil | moisturizing, provides strength to the hair fiber which in turn can help with hair growth. this fruit is high in vitamin A, B, D, E and protein.

behentrimonium methosulfate | a scary name for a not so scary ingredient. a self emulsifying wax naturally derived from the colza plant. mild conditioning agent which imparts softness and helps with detangling.

bergamot essential oil | antiseptic, anti-depressant with qualities that are useful for skin complaints, such as acne, oily skin conditions and eczema. a tree originally from southeast asia but first sold in bergamo, italy hence its name.

calendula extract | heals cuts, wounds, chapped lips. with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it is the skin whisperer of flowers. used in ancient times in India, calendula is energetically cooling. used in traditional Chinese medicine and also used by native Americans for its ability to increase circulation to the skin. 

chamomile essential oil | an oil known to soothe kids and their busy bodies. relaxing for adults too. this flower offers the feeling of peace, tranquility and helps lull you to sleep.

chamomile extract | cleansing, moisturizing, calming, heals minor wounds & soothes irritated scalp or dandruff. one of the most ancient herbs originally used by ancient Egyptians and still used today to cure a number of ailments.

cetyl alcohol | fatty alcohol derived from vegetable oils. the natural oils hydrate external layers by increasing hydration and reducing evaporation creating softer and more pliable hair.

citric acid |  derived from citrus fruits. balances PH levels in formula. most shower water is alkaline water, this opens up your hair cuticle. by lowering the PH level with this ingredient, it will close the cuticle so the hair is protected from environmental toxins, locking in moisture, preventing split ends and frizz.

coco - glucoside | derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar. mild and non-irritating cleanser, good for sensitive skin. 100% biodegradable. 

decyl glucoside | derived from the sugars and fatty acids of coconuts, it is a naturally derived renewable resource. a gentle, mild cleanser, great for sensitive skin.

geranium essential oil | used in aromatherapy to soothe anxiety, rose-like aroma, healing to skin and strengthening to hair

hibiscus flower powder | rich in antioxidants. known to moisturize, increase skin elasticity, natural exfoliate, helps with evening skin tone.

honey | natural humectant, honey attracts moisture. full of antioxidants and nutrients to feed hair follicles that house the live part of hair, encouraging hair growth.

horsetail extract | the most abundant plant source of silica, a mineral that will strengthen your hair, stimulate hair growth.

jasmine fragrance oil | plant-based oil, naturally derived from plants and flowers to give the conditioner an amazing aroma of

jojoba oil | mimics scalp's sebum (scalp's natural oil), moisturizing, soothing to the scalp, hydrates hair from within the hair shaft, helps repair damaged hair cuticles. derived from a seed native to arizona, southern california and mexico called simmondsia chinensis.

juniper berry oil | used by ancient greek, egyptians and native americans. with the antibacterial properties, it offers a relaxed and lively antidote to negativity, lessens anxiety, as well as promotes hair growth, heals dry scalp. 

lactic acid | derived from beets. helps reduce skin breakouts, natural exfoliator, hydrating and brightening properties.

lavender essential oil | calming aroma which soothes anxiety and the nervous system.

lemon balm extract | known as the "calming" herb. native to europe and the mediterranean. belonging to the mint family, it helps combat anxiety, stress, insomnia, and used to treats wounds. cleanses hair, increases shine, adds body, soothing, prevents dandruff.

panthenol | vitamin B5, a natural constituent of healthy hair and a substance present in all living cells including plants and honey. it hydrates, locks in moisture and adds elasticity.

patchouli essential oil | astringent, regenerates new skin cells, known to help with hair growth and used for centuries in traditional chinese medicine to treat skin conditioners such as eczema, acne, chapped skin, dandruff and oily scalp conditions. native to southeast asia growing wild at high elevations. 

quillaia root | or quillaja means "to wash". used in chile and peru to create shampoo for centuries.

red sandalwood powder | anti-aging properties, anti-bacterial properties which helps heal blemishes, ultra moisturizing.

 rosehips powder | rich in antioxidants + essential nutrients and omegas, hydrating, rejuvenating, helps heal blemishes and scarring

sandalwood essential oil | it is a rich, woody and warm aroma used by Ayurvedic medicine for it's aromatherapy properties. anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-aging, emollient, it's nourishing to hair, alleviates skin conditions and moisturizes. 

sarsaparilla root | native to south america, latin america and mexico. contains steroidal saponins which gives it's cleansing and antibacterial properties. has been used to fight skin conditions such as acne and eczema.

saw palmetto extract | indigenous to the native americans, this fruit was part of their regime. dried in the sun for days, it was made into extract, tinctures, teas and ointments which were applies to their hair for various reasons. used to heal hair loss and a scaly scalp or dandruff, it was a key ingredient to keeping their hair beautiful.

stearyl alcohol | vegetable sourced fatty alcohol derived from natural oils and fats. helps the cuticle of the hair lie flat. great for frizzy or curly hair. 

sweet marjoram essential oil | stimulates the part of the brain that effect emotional, physical, and mental health. can be used for headaches, tension, anxiety, and stress and to bring overall calm.

sweet orange essential oil | uplifting, used to dispel kids tantrums and frustrations, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory.

turmeric root powder | anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, balances oil, illuminates the skin

xanthan gum | plant-based thickening agent. a naturally occurring bacteria, xanthomonas campestris is found growing naturally on vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

vegetable glycerin | sourced from organic soy bean oil. glycerin is a soothing, humectant which draws moisture from the air to the skin.

white willow bark extract | a natural source of salicylic acid which helps exfoliate the scalp, hair stimulant, great for oily or dandruff prone hair. for thousands of years this natural source of salicin has been used for headaches, inflammation, sore muscles, later used to make aspirin. people were advised to chew on the bark of the white willow tree to heal themselves. its a powerful bark and extremely effective on inflamed skin, dry scalp, dandruff, insect bites, the list goes on.

wild yam root | natural saponin. also known as colic root and rheumatism root as it was used to remedy colic and rheumatism. all the medicinal benefits come from the root.

yarrow extract | an ancient herb and one of the earliest indications of human’s use of medicinal plants.  antimicrobial, pain relieving, used for colds, digestion, circulation and an anti-inflammatory which soothes irritated skin.

ylang ylang essential oil | native to the phillipines and indonesia, derived from the word ilang or ilang-ilan meaning "wilderness" or "rare". it has been used to reduce stress, increase the thickness of the hair shaft to grow thicker hair and help balance scalp oil production.

yucca root | native american tribes used this succulent to create soaps due to its very foamy liquid that gently cleanses. yucca has been used to treat dandruff, hair loss, skin inflammation and arthritis.