how do I decide which shampoo + conditioner is best for me?

hi! I have a little breakdown to help you decide which is right for your scalp and hair, please follow this link: CHOOSING THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU 

I'm new to natural shampoo + conditioner. what should I expect? do these lather?
first off, welcome! so excited for you to make the transition. these products may not be like your commercial products, but that's what makes them so great because they are safe, completely natural, smell delicious and your hair is finally going to thrive!
the color, texture of the shampoo is a bit different. it's a dark brown shampoo due to the root extract I use. there is lather, but no crazy foam will be piling up on your head like a pantene commercial - those suds are all thanks to added chemicals.
I strongly recommend double washing with these shampoos. when you first apply, you want to go directly to the scalp and massage. you won't notice a ton of foam and that's because the shampoo is doing it's job. the soap is latching onto all the dirt molecules we are trying to rid our hair of. scrub away then rinse. then follow up a smaller amount of shampoo. lather in your hands, apply to your scalp, massage again. this time you will notice more foam and bubbles. that is because the soap has much less to attach itself to which also means your hair is much cleaner than it was a minute ago.

you'll notice when you go longer in between shampoos there will be less suds in the beginning than if you just washed a day or two ago, your hair may just be barely on the edge of being dirty and have more suds with your first round of shampoo.

with the conditioner, do as you normally would. gently squeeze the water from your hair and apply the conditioner to the bottom half of your hair. let it sit as long as you can, then rinse.
how often should I be washing my hair?
answered here!

what is the shelf life on the shampoos + conditioners?

these products are consistently being made and barely sit in house before being shipped to ensure that the shelf life is as long as possible once it reaches you. the shampoos and conditioners are best to be enjoyed within one year of purchase.


my ends are dry but my scalp is really oily. what should I use?

warrior shampoo! this combination hair means your hair is not getting the nutrients it needs. typically the shampoo you've been using is not doing a great job. with warrior shampoo, it will gently take away all the film, build up from previous shampoos, allowing it to breath again. give it a bit of time to flush out those the not so nice ingredients from your scalp and your scalp will recalibrate. the oil production will slow down and the nutrients you are giving it will finally get to the ends of your hair, balancing out the oils and health of the hair.

as for conditioner, you will want to choose one that is right for your hair. all descriptions are listed on the product pages. conditioner is essential!


I have a very oily scalp, what's going on?

an oily scalp can be due to a few different factors. what hair products are you using? if you're using anything commercial, chances are your scalp isn't able to breathe. there are so many plastics and films in synthetic shampoos, hair sprays, hair product, in order to create that silky, soft, shiny look. by the way, that look is totally achievable with natural products, but when you use commercial products  your scalp really suffers.

basically, these ingredients are cutting off the oxygen supply to the scalp so naturally the scalp wants to produce good oils for the health of the scalp. since it's unable to get those oils out properly, it over produces in hopes to compensate.

once the scalp is able to breathe, go through a natural cycle of producing oils, etc. it will steady out and you won't over produce, creating more days in between washing your hair.


I'm looking for something to help my dry, flaky scalp.

if you want to go for it and get the job done? warrior shampoo, revive conditionerancient remedy hair + scalp oil

warrior shampoo will help re-regulate the oils, get the hydration it needs and there are a number of herbs in warrior to help ease the irritated scalp. revive conditioner is amazing as a hair mask. for those with scalp issues like this - I highly recommend it. it's so soothing.

the hair serum I suggest if you want to take it the next level. you can apply this serum directly on the scalp before a shower. massage it in, leave it as long as you'd like (even overnight) and then shower as you would. these are all highly beneficial products for an irritated scalp! also, another tip: ACV RINSE


are these products safe during pregnancy?

there are only a couple herbs I suggest being aware of in case you are eyeing warrior shampoo and revive conditioner. there is sage essential oil in the warrior shampoo and the white willow bark in warrior shampoo and revive conditioner that you can research. those are the only two items I would bring to your attention, possibly during the first trimester. there are no hard facts against these two in such small quantities, but I’m all about transparency so I will let you know make that decision!

the others are all perfectly safe to use while pregnant.


I'd like to find a product that is great for my kids, but also for us adults?

perfect! I made some shampoos + conditioners exactly for that purpose. the sweet baby orange shampoo or unscented shampoo and luna love conditioner are safe for kids. the shampoo is gentle, non toxic, safe for our littles yet very effective for also us adults. the luna love conditioner as well is made with gentle and safe oils for kids, but talk about aromatherapy for adults - we also need it! also, our unscented shampoo is a wonderful option that is safe for kids or anyone with sensitivities. it has a number of scalp loving and hydrating herbs like nettle, plantain and loving calendula and chamomile.

I knew I wanted to create products safe for our kids but I also wanted them to be versatile so we can all use them, instead of having a shampoo and conditioner for every person in the house now we can have 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner. it's all about simplicity, right? 


my daughter has cradle cap, what should I do?

cradle cap can stem from a number of factors. babies/toddlers are growing at a very fast rate and their systems are trying to catch up with it. sometimes it can be linked to diet so we want to make sure they are getting the balanced diet they need. topically we want to make sure we are cleansing their scalp properly. a gentle shampoo like our unscented shampoo is effective, yet a gentle cleanser that will help the scalp breathe properly as well as our sweet baby orange shampoo.

next we want to hydrate. if you child is 2 yrs+, I would suggest applying a little bit of luna love conditioner to the scalp, let it soak in (do a mini scalp/hair mask) and then rinse partially, leaving behind some of those good oils. in addition or instead of the conditioner. apply a very small amount of jojoba oil, massage that into the scalp and allow it to soak up entirely. rinsing isn't necessary. this will rehydrate and hopefully calm the cradle cap.


what is best for postpartum hair, hair loss, shedding?

supporting your health is key during this time. the shift in hormones will go at their own speed and time, so all you can do is support. food, rest and nourishment through herbs, teas and gentle and supportive haircare are all very helpful. warrior shampoo has a number of strengthening herbs to help support, encourage growth and strengthen. revive conditioner  is a very nourishing conditioner and extra potent as a hair mask. I highly recommend doing a hair mask once a week, more if you're hair is on the dry side. if you want to go a step further the ancient remedy hair + scalp oil is another potion that can be used as a scalp treatment. massage this into the roots at least 20 min prior to your shower, let it sit and then shower as usual. all of these products are gentle, loving and very supportive for this major shift your body is going through.


are these products gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan?

yes they are gluten-free and absolutely cruelty-free! all products are vegan except revive conditioner and serenity conditioner. there is honey in these products. the rest are all vegan.


 what does "reiki-infused" mean?

reiki [ray-kee] is an energy healing practice similar to therapeutic touch and relaxation. reiki is performed by a reiki practitioner, who have been attuned to this energy. using your hands through a series of placements, it can be performed on people, animals, plants and/or objects. reiki is typically done as a one-on-one session between the reiki practitioner and the client. as a client, reiki will feel very relaxing, calming, can calm your physical body and mind. it’s very compassionate and healing.

I create each of these products with my hands, with passion and love. because everything is made up of energy and as a reiki practitioner, it is my last small gift before they go on to be received by someone else, to clear the energy and infuse it with love, gratitude and any extra healing benefits.


 are they safe for color treated hair?

they are ALL safe for color treated hair. these products are as gentle as they get, yet effective. they are formulated to cleanse not strip so your color is safe with these guys!


how do you open these pumps?

place the pump inside the bottle and tighten. hold your hand around the cap  (holding it in place) while with the other hand, twist the pump in a counter clockwise direction. it will pop up from there.


do you offer a refill service?

I do not at this time. I spent most of 2019 researching a way to be able to offer one, especially knowing I was going to offer glass bottles.

with a refill service, my mission is to be completely environmentally friendly about it otherwise it's defeating the purpose. in order to fully achieve that, the option does not exist for under luna at this time. the flexible pouches and other forms of less packaging that is available is actually not as earth-friendly as we are lead to believe. all other available forms of refill-service like packaging have a much heavier carbon foot print than the process of simply shipping out another glass bottle. I will continue to search until I find the right packaging and/or until Under Luna grows and expands large enough where you'll be able to ship bottles back and I can sterilize and refill them myself! in the meantime, I hope you will be mindful about how you recycle these products. the glass and the recycled plastic bottles can all be recycled + reused!


more information on shipping, returns, etc?

please go to our SHIPPING AND RETURNS page







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