Do you have combination hair? – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

Do you have combination hair?

The most common thing I hear is, “I have an oily scalp and dry ends”. This isn’t your fault by any means, no one is born with this, ha! It may be your shampoo’s fault though (if it’s not Under Luna 😉), or other hair products you use that sit on your scalp.

There’s a whole slew of hair products that are made with these fantastic ingredients derived from plastics, chemicals, all that good stuff (hear the sarcasm there?) that create a film on our scalp. This solidifies a barrier, a cap, if you will, right on top of your head. The ends and roots of your hair are like tiny feeding tubes and you want both ends to be able to absorb all the good nutrients you’re trying to feed it. if you’ve got that cap on, then all the essentials you are trying to give it, are going to run right off.

The silicones, waxes, petroleum-based ingredients, many hair styling serums, hair sprays and “volume” shampoos, to name a few, are going to lead to build up and this barrier I’m talking about. Once this barrier is in place, underneath your oils are building up and unable to cycle out like they should. An excessive amount of oil is going to build up in effort to finally get pushed out. Here we get our typical oily scalp.

We are solely relying on hydrating the ends only through the bottom of the hair, but that isn’t enough. If nothing can get in through the scalp, then of course the ends are going to dry out because they are surviving on essentially nothing. Voila - we have our combination hair.

In order to reach balance and overall happiness we need to be able to get through the hair follicle. Allowing the oils to purge when needed, cycle through as they will (this is how the oil production balances out) and absorb the goodness you and I are spending time giving it shower after shower. It can be a slow process to get re-calibrated, depending on how much build up and oils needed to be released, but you will definitely see and feel when you’re losing that title as combination hair and moving into balanced hair!