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holistic + handcrafted haircare

in eco-friendly glass bottles!

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ancient remedies + rituals meets modern day concerns.

yes it lathers, yes it smells insanely good and no it does not strip your hair nor your color.

in fact, it's smart enough to take away the dirt, environmental toxins and leave behind the natural oils and nutrients you need.

 100% natural - meaning ingredients safe enough to eat, not that we recommend eating these... but that's the true meaning of natural.


under the moon and with the guidance of the moon, we can learn the secrets of the earth and all the magical ingredients that are here waiting for us to discover and integrate into our journey.

carly + luna

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"this stuff is no joke. this shampoo has completely changed the game for me." - emily

"I have been searching for a solid chemical & fragrance free shampoo for, what seems like an eternity! Under Luna's products are game changing! I promise, you will not be disappointed! -crystal

"hands down have never used a shampoo and conditioner that I loved so much." - nadia

"not only is your shampoo, by far, the best natural shampoo I’ve used on my hair… I think its the best shampoo out of any shampoo I’ve used on my hair." - whitney