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The Mission

We make 100% natural hair care products that nourish and protect your hair, feed your soul, and don’t harm the planet. They smell like Nature and they lather up enough to make your shower routine feel like a celebration. 

About Us

Our careers in food and wine brought our passion for the sensory and social pleasures of eating with concern for the impact of our modern food system on the planet. Inspired by the slow food movement, we wanted to bring these values to all aspects of our lives, including the products we use on our skin and hair, and share them with the world.

Included in every bottle  - and every product we’ve made since then - is our commitment to people and planet  through using premium ingredients that are 100% natural and sustainably grown or made and ethically sourced, and small-batch and zero-waste production methods.

Under Luna isn’t just a hair care company; it’s a manifestation of our values and a reflection of the way we live.

Can your hair care regenerate your body, your soul and planet? Yes!                   

Invest in Your Beautiful Bodies 

Our bodies deserve the best possible nourishment. And that comes from Nature, not from a chemical company. Flower, root and plant oils and extracts have long been used for their cleansing and healing properties. By using natural products that are free of dyes, harsh chemicals, and toxins, you’re investing in your health.

Slowing Down is Good for the Soul

Taking time for yourself: it can seem self-indulgent. But the payback is enormous. Slowing down wakes up your senses so you can notice, listen, focus, create, feel more joy, feel more. Bathing routines can become rituals…or opportunities for a good splash fight. A well-fed soul can then begin to feed others. 

It’s our hope to inspire you to slow down. 

Repairing and Protecting the Planet is Everyone’s Business

As climate change becomes our reality, every company needs to step up and adopt or change business practices. We know exactly where our ingredients come from, how they’re made and from whom. We use only 100% natural ingredients, use sustainable packaging and are moving towards zero-waste. We’re a woman-founded family business with 2 owners and 2 employees.  Small-batch production means we keep our footprint small.