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many have asked, “how often should I wash my hair?” I’d love to have a straight answer, but that’s not possible. we all have different skin, different hair, different concerns, different strengths in our hair and scalp. the environment, diet, seasons, stress all have an effect on our scalp and the oils we produce.


when transitioning to a natural shampoo your hair may go through a detox period. your scalp will need to purge oils and build up from previous products and most likely you’ll want to wash more often. if you have dandruff or dry scalp, your scalp will need you to wash more frequently. if you scalp is healthy and oils are balanced, you’ll be able to space those shampoos out.


the number of days that means, is completely up to you and what you believe your hair needs. no one knows your body the way you know it. putting expectations on yourself and only allowing you to wash your hair every 3 days or once a week and never wavering isn’t helpful. sometimes this can cause scalp issues if we don’t care for our scalp the way it needs to be cared for.


we know stress, diet, seasonal changes can all affect our skin and that’s no exception for our scalp. all this to say, not placing expectations on our hair/scalp and listening to what our bodies needs will steer you in direction with your answer to how often you should wash your hair. there is no wrong answer here and if it means a few times this week and only once next week, that’s perfect.

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