c o n d i t i o n e r

“let nature be your teacher.” – william wordsworth


LULLABABY CONDITIONER | for the whole family

From $ 26.00

perfect for the whole family. this gentle de-tangle conditioner has calming aromatherapy properties that will have you melting into relaxation. a sensory lullaby containing lavender, chamomile and sweet marjoram will...

LUNA LOVE CONDITIONER | normal to oily hair

From $ 26.00

for normal to oily hair let's just say your hair will wrap its locks around you and give you a great big hug for letting it sip on this concoction. formulated...

SERENITY CONDITIONER | dry or damaged hair

From $ 26.00

for dry / damaged hair to soothe, nourish and heal. made with nutrient rich flowers, moisturizing honey and luxurious ayurvedic oils that are all about balance and finding serenity. rich...

REVIVE CONDITIONER | deeply hydrating conditioner +/or hair mask

From $ 26.00

if we could give our hair a green juice to drink, this is it! the herbal extracts stimulate growth, strengthen hair, de-stress & de-frizz. it's ph-balanced and ready to protect...

8 oz. SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER | create your own set

$ 48.00
$ 54.00

  S H A M P O O WARRIOR SHAMPOO   / to strengthen + stimulate / ylang ylang FLOWER POWER SHAMPOO / to calm + heal / geranium + calendula...

16 oz. SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER | create your own set

From $ 82.00
$ 94.00

NOTE FOR THE WARRIOR SHAMPOO: we're in the process of switching over to a new look (woo hoo!) and already sold out of all our 16oz warrior labels. instead of taking it...


$ 7.00

these 2 oz. jars are the perfect size to travel with or simply to sample the products. don't think you're getting 1 use out of this - a little goes...