meet under luna

w h o  \  un·der ˈəndər | lu·na loo-nah 

our luna or moon is a guiding force. it can dictate when to farm, women's cycles and high & low tides to name a few. through trial and error, the pioneers of the original medicine: greeks, native americans, indians and chinese are responsible for finding the healing herbs we know today. in order to produce healing teas and cleansers to heal community ailments and skin conditions they had to farm them - but not without the help of the moon. as time's quickly change, so do traditions. today we are hardly as dependent on the moon as our ancestors, however it's a reminder of where these traditions started over thousands of years ago and still to this day these herbs are relevant and more useful than ever. although most shelves are stocked with synthetic and chemically based products, the true and lasting medicine is found within these traditional herbal remedies. 

w h a t   \   handcrafted holistic hair and skin products made with 100% earth's ingredients: plants, trees, fruits and vegetables.


h o w  \    beginning my career in the food & restaurant industry and moving on to the health & wellness industry, I delved into the world of hair products when I learned what ingredients are being used for our "natural" and "organic" hair products you see on the shelves today. Quickly realizing most ingredients are far from being natural, I decided to strip the products down to their original purpose and use, which led me to our ancestral time when herbs were their only ingredients. using the herbs, roots, fruits, bark and oils used by the original herbalists, the Native Americans Greeks, Chinese - I created Under Luna products. the recipes were worked and reworked time and time again in order to get to the products we have today.

w h y  \  the purpose of these products is to provide men, women and children with products that are not only natural but were created to accentuate, heal, repair, and revitalize your hair and skin through ingredients that have been around for centuries. these pure formulas are without a doubt safe and reliable. our bodies act as sponges and will soak in whatever you apply to it, so shouldn't that be pure - pure enough to eat? all products are 100% safe to ingest, not that we suggest it, but in case it happens - don't be worried.