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When transitioning away from any commercial shampoo or even a “natural” shampoo (that actually isn't so clean?) to using Under Luna, you may experience some symptoms related to what we call the detox period. Yes it’s a thing. Kind of like that time when you did a strict diet or cleanse.

You may find your hair’s more oily, dryer, sheds a bit or gets more tangled. Again, this is normal and temporary! You can read more about it here

You’ll also start to notice you don’t need to wash your hair as often. You’ll be surprised at just how long a bottle of Under Luna shampoo or conditioner will last, even our trial size shampoos + conditioners!

More about how Under Luna works with your scalp + hair and what to expect:

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What IS Natural Shampoo?

Natural shampoo refers to any shampoo that uses non-toxic ingredients from plants and generally avoids lather-creating sulfates.

But... Beware of Greenwashing!

Not all “natural” shampoos and conditioners are equal! Greenwashing (pun alert) is very alive and well in the beauty industry. Large, commercial companies are realizing the natural market is where it’s at and in order to attract those non-toxic, natural leaning customers they tend to lead with buzzwords like “natural”, “organic”, “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” because there is a lack of regulations on beauty products. Thankfully regulation does call for ingredient lists and those lengthy ingredient lists is where we get to call them out!

The Value of Under Luna

  • Better for the Planet

    All our products use eco-friendly ingredients and Earth-friendly packaging such as recyclable glass and refillable containers.

  • Costs Less per Wash

    Our customers repeatedly tell us that they don’t need to shampoo their hair as often! So while our shampoos may seem more costly, in fact they can cost about the same as other shampoos over time.

  • Supports families and small businesses

    Our products supports farming families and other local businesses

  • Woman-owned small business

    We are woman-owned, woman-led business. 

Why choose Under Luna?

  • Our products really are 100% natural

    Our shampoos and conditioners are meticulously formulated to meet the various needs of all scalp and hair types - with 100% natural ingredients of course. We use ethically sourced, cruelty-free, non-toxic and non-GMO ingredients. We list every ingredient that goes into every product and we tell you why each ingredient is beneficial.

  • Better for your scalp + hair

    UL shampoos and conditioners are clean, gentle and effective. Made with non-toxic and plant-based ingredients like our herbal extracts, hydrosols, cold pressed oils and essential oils. These contain vitamins and minerals that nourish your scalp and hair.

    The harsh chemicals in commercial and even other "natural" hair products strip the hair of natural oils we need. Our products are designed to gently cleanse, but never strip you of the oils your scalp craves!

  • Safer for Your Body

    Many chemicals found in regular and dry shampoos are toxic. Benzene, parabens, sulfites, phthalates (sometimes listed as DEP, DBP, or DEHP) have been linked to cancer. Others are considered endocrine disruptors that can actually disrupt your body’s function. 

    Under Luna shampoos and conditioners are completely non-toxic. In fact, they’re safe enough to eat. But, please don’t. Not even for a TikTok challenge.

  • Surprisingly Sudsy

    One frequent complaint about natural shampoos is that they don’t suds up. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is used in commercial shampoos to create the lather we all love. It can also cause severe skin irritation and drying. Boo.

    Under Luna shampoos actually do lather! We recommend you double bubble (aka wash, rinse, repeat). Find out more about lathering up here.

How to Use

Use 2-3 pumps and rub between hands to emulsify. Apply to the scalp, massage thoroughly and then rinse. Repeat, making sure to wash hair as well. Rinse and follow with conditioner. Why the double bubble? Check out the Journal: "How the Shampoo works + how to use it."

Gently squeeze the water from your hair and apply to the midshaft of your hair to the ends. Leave in your hair for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. If your hair is feeling dry you can do a partial rinse, leaving those delicious oils in your hair to absorb.

For a hair mask: while in the shower, after you have shampooed, massage conditioner into the scalp and hair. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes and then rinse.

For an overnight hair mask: With damp hair, massage into the scalp and hair and wrap into a bun or alike. In the morning, shower as usual.

For a leave-in treatment: after your shower, with damp hair, apply a small amount to the ends. This can help if your hair is feeling dry (especially going through detox) or you just need a little more nourishment/hydration. Also, helpful when brushing through those kids' tangles!

For the Scalp: If you are suffering from dandruff, dry scalp or just wanting to nourish your scalp, add serum to your scalp before your shower or as an overnight treatment (shower as you normally would the following morning). For the easiest application, fill your dropper and apply the serum directly to your scalp running it through your hair and onto your scalp. Then massage it into your scalp as you go until you feel your scalp is well covered. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes then shampoo + condition your hair.

For Daily Use: Add a small amount of serum to your hands, rub your hands together and even apply to damp ends of hair. It can be used as a protectant, anti-frizz serum or for added hydration.

For Texture: Add a small amount of serum to the ends of dry hair, with a scrunching hand formation to add curl or strengthen curl or wave.

We have all that good info here.

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