New to these Shampoos + Conditioners? – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

New to these Shampoos + Conditioners?

Our shampoos and conditioners are very unique. Our products are 100% natural. No toxic chemicals - no preservatives - no unnecessary packaging. This approach means Under Luna products are good for everyone. All hair, scalp and skin types are supported by nourishing plant medicine. Take our holistic Hair Quiz to find which products are right for you!

How to Use:

The shampoo is a cleanser so that squeaky clean feeling is normal. That overly moisturizing shampoo you may be used to are due to a number of ingredients that we need avoid - they are not your friend and they create havoc for your scalp. These will not strip you of any oils you need, just the ones you don't and the unnecessary film and build up for previous products that we all need to say goodbye to.

These shampoos and conditioner are meant to be used together, it's a 2-step process. So if you were wondering if conditioner is essential, YES it is.

The first step is to cleanse as in shampoo. It is always recommended to double wash because the first wash is there to raise up and remove the dirt and oils. The second wash is there to hydrate and infuse your hair and scalp with the nutrient dense oils these products provide. More is explained about this here.

The second step is to lock in that moisture, i.e. conditioner which provides loads of hydration, moisture, protection for the ends, detangling and all the good oils to thrive.

New to them?

The shampoo is going to work a bit harder to remove any film and buildup from previous shampoos. It may take some time to really release all these films and previous ingredients from other products. Some can experience a transition or detox period in which you may see more oils being released than usual. More info about that here.

However, once you’ve allowed the shampoo to do its job and naturally exfoliate the scalp of those stagnant ingredients that are just sitting on your scalp, then your scalp can breathe freely again.

The oils will start to recalibrate and find their groove allowing your hair to absorb and digest all the nourishing oils these product provide.

Like our skin, when we are exfoliating and encouraging the release of oils, dead skin, whatever it may be there can be some shedding. Shedding is normal when you are allowing your scalp or skin to release what may have been trapped due to the not so nice ingredients from previous products. This doesn't always occur, but it's completely common and only during this transition period.

In the Beginning:

  • Wash more frequently! We encourage you to wash your hair as often as needed in the beginning.
  • Feeling dry? Nourish your scalp with a scalp/hair mask once a week, even an overnight one (the best!). Any of our conditioners can be used for this.
  • Feeling Oily? That's normal. The shampoo is allowing all those once congested oils a pathway to exit. Add in one more shower that week to help it recalibrate (it's ok if you don't stick to your "I only wash my hair once a week routine"). Add in an ACV rinse if you want additional support.


When we listen to our body and its needs, then the body responds! Give these products time to work and do it's job. With more use you will see the benefits and your scalp will thank you for feeding it the plant medicine it's been craving!