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By carly castillo

Unscented is now Luna Clear!

We decided that the current name was not doing the product justice. The product was not created only to offer an essential oil free option. Yes, it is still ESSENTIAL OIL FREE, but it's so much more than that!

It’s super hydrating and packed full of benefits containing diverse herbs from plantain, nettle, chamomile and calendula. It is also safe for all ages, infant to adult, and loved by all!

Luna Clear is clear of essential oils, made with pure and gentle ingredients. It’s Under Luna’s stamp on a "safe for all" product and is our most versatile conditioner (sensitivities or not!)

Luna Clear Conditioner

Why the bottle change?

Why not? Without essential oils, it doesn’t need the same protection that amber glass provides. Our non-essential oil products will all be in clear bottles, just like our All Things Oil is. A quick distinction from the rest of the products that are amber glass and that do contain essential oils.


Luna Clear is:

  • clear of phthalates and plastic derived ingredients
  • clear of synthetic fragrance
  • clear of silicones
  • clear of sulfates
  • clear of gluten and common allergens
  • clear of parabens and all toxic preservatives
  • made with herbs, roots and flowers
  • made with organic, locally grown hydrosols
  • made with non-stripping cleansing herbs and roots
  • made with gentle herbs and oils, safe for babies, kids, adults with sensitivities
  • ingredients you can pronounce and most likely are familiar with
  • naturally preserved with fermented radish root and coconut extract

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