Carly's Clean & Intentional Living Tip #3: Shop Sustainably – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

Carly's Clean & Intentional Living Tip #3: Shop Sustainably

Shop Local

Shopping locally broadens our horizons as to what treasures can be found in our city, made by our own neighbors or grown by nearby farmers: visit your farmers markets, local maker fares and locally-owned boutiques. Shopping locally helps support small business owners and keeps your dollars in the local economy = win, win, win! We have over 50 local retailer partners across the US - see where Under Luna may be available near you.

Sustainable Product Packaging

When I shop for home & beauty products, I consider the packaging they are coming in. Ideally it’s reusable or recyclable, avoiding single-use plastics. 

At Under Luna we’ve put a lot of thought into this by using:

  • Glass bottles - Reusable and Recyclable
  • Reusable pumps - when you buy replacement shampoo/conditioner, keep your pump and request the next order comes without!
  • Cotton totes + organic drawstring bags for gifts and sample bundles

Shipping Materials

Living in the era of Amazon, Doordash and Instacart… we barely need to leave our house. 

People’s garbage bins are overflowing with plastic and bubble wrap from shipping & packaging. 

Under Luna doesn’t have a retail location, so we rely heavily on shipping. We try to be as mindful as possible in our shipping practices and packaging. We spent a lot of time and money in customizing our cardboard shipping boxes to make sure we have to use the least amount of packing with recyclable materials only. No packing foam, peanuts or plastic wrap here.

Consider what your favorite brands & online retailers use for shipping materials!


We’re excited to see that some brands are offering refillable options for their products, so you’re able to reuse the product packaging. There’s even entire stores dedicated to refillable / zero-waste packaging - this is huge!

When it’s available in their area, we encourage Under Luna customers to take advantage of our local retail partners and we created a refill program for our retailers to participate in. A number of our retailers have refill jugs with their best-selling Under Luna Shampoos + Conditioners so customers can come in and refill their glass bottles.

We believe this is the best option for “refilling”, as many of you have asked. The current options for refilling bottles, cartons, bags do not meet our requirements when it comes to being truly environmentally friendly, recyclable or compostable. We’re keeping our eyes peeled though! Nevertheless, we want to grow this program so all of you have a local shop to refill because this means no shipping, less carbon footprint and more support for your local shops! Here are a few shops that currently carry our refill jugs. If you would like to see your local shop carry our products let us know!

Under Luna refill locations:
Dano – Portland, OR
Feverfew – Los Angeles, CA
Grasplan – San Francisco, CA=
EcoCarmel – Carmel, CA
Sunday Morning Hair – Los Angeles, CA
Oh Eco – Orlando, FL
Perennial – Manchester, CT
Exhale Yoga & Wellness – Williston, ND
The Verdant Maiden – Nantucket, MA