Carly’s Clean & Intentional Living Tip #2: Go with brands you trust – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

Carly’s Clean & Intentional Living Tip #2: Go with brands you trust

We understand the sheer amount of time it takes to individually investigate each ingredient, where it’s sourced from, what it’s derived from, how it gets absorbed, what the benefits are.. And then to inquire, is it even necessary in that product? Why do I need this? The questions are endless. Not all companies take this responsibility on as their own, but Under Luna sure does, so you don’t have to. And there are others!

Being in this beauty space, I’ve come to know some amazing, extremely talented makers so naturally I decide to fill up my bathroom cabinet with their potions. It feels so incredibly good to align yourself with products that feel good, that feed you in such a special way, and to support someone you admire.

Specifically this winter, being postpartum and feeling a bit more crazed (time always seems to speed up during holidays with more intense work days and 2 energetic girls) -  self care is priority. I need super hydrating oils for my face and hair and as many nutrient-packed ingredients as possible, for both inside and out. 

Here is my list of clean beauty go-to’s for the season (Yes, a calming tea also has a place in my clean beauty list):

A - pAra Botanica Haima Skin Dew
B - Twelve Beauty Clementine Face Cleanser
C - Wildcare Rosemary + Bay Hydrosol
D - Organic Olivia Mane Magic Hair Tonic
E - RiseWell Mineral Toothpaste
F - Wildgust Farm Organic Chamomile Flowers + Mugwort Loose leaf Tea
G - Kossma Purely Potent Vitamin C Serum
H - Under Luna x Wildcare Limited Edition Tulsi Bloom Shampoo + Conditioner
I - Erin's Face Mineral SPF 32
J - Under Luna All Things Oil