Hair Journal with Hairstylist Becca – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

Hair Journal with Hairstylist Becca

Salon Owner + Hairstylist, Salem, OR


1. What is most important to you when it comes to hair care?

I wanted something safe enough to use on my newborn and on my guests in the salon. So it HAD to perform just like a professional salon product, all while being gentle, holistic and organic. What I put in my body; and encourage for my family is whole, organic and locally sourced foods. So what I put ON my body should be the same!

2. How does Under Luna meet those needs or requirements?

The way Carly and the team at UL create formulas is incredible and thoughtful! Nothing is done “fast”. I love the slow haircare concept! Each herb and oil is picked with intention and purpose! It feels like a personal experience almost! As if each product was crafted with my needs in mind and done so in a way which preserves and revives our bodies and environment!

3. Which products do you use personally and why?

I like to mix things up with different conditioners, but I always use Warrior Shampoo and the Ancient Remedy Hair and Scalp Oil! Depending on what my hair needs for moisture, I will use any of the conditioners. I began my journey with UL by using Luna Love Conditioner and Warrior Shampoo. The rest is history!

 4. What difference have you seen in using these products?

My itchy, dry scalp was transformed completely once I began using UL. My skin is incredibly sensitive and eczema prone—especially to any sort of synthetic fragrance/perfume. My hands would breakout in eczema rashes and blisters when using professional salon products—no matter how “clean” the brand advertised itself to be. UL has not once, caused a reaction to any part of my body and my scalp is balanced and healthy! My hair has grown in with a vengeance this postpartum season! I do not remember having as much hair as I am seeing grow in!

5. Can you tell us about your own hair care routine?

I am a less-is-more gal. I want the most bang for my buck when it comes to haircare, styling and longevity of my style. I wash 1 to 2 times each week. I do an oil treatment the night before I wash, once a week. I use Ancient Remedy Hair and Scalp Oil before I dry my hair and a few drops after I have finished styling it. I have soft ringlet curls, that I style straight with a wave. My hair is more susceptible to damage (as is anyones, who is naturally curly!), so using products that strengthen each hair shaft and preserve its integrity, is key!  If I choose to enhance my curls and wear them natural, I will use an UL conditioner as my curl cream! 

6. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We cannot expect to have healthy and vivacious hair if we don’t treat it well. Think of it like this, if I were a professional athlete, I would take care of my WHOLE body by eating, exercising and living in a way that worked in unison for me to reach my goals. The same goes for our hair. If we eat poorly, use low quality products with ingredients we could find in industrial strength detergents/dish soap, use aerosol sprays full of drying alcohol and high heat styling tools constantly—we will never see our hairs true potential! I believe in what UL creates and truly want to help as many people as possible witness what their hair could be!

becca eliane, salem oregon

Becca carries Under Luna at her salon in Salem, Oregon. To learn more about her and her salon, click here.