Hair Journal with Stephanie, Dreamboat Salon – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

Hair Journal with Stephanie, Dreamboat Salon

Stephanie, Dreamboat Salon
Salon Owner + Hairstylist, Portland, OR


1. How did you first hear about Under Luna?

I first discovered Under Luna on Instagram several years ago and decided to order some for me and my family. I instantly loved the smell and the way it made my hair feel! When my friend and I opened a salon, I knew that I wanted to stock Under Luna immediately.

2. Which products do you use personally and why?

I love using Warrior Shampoo for myself and my husband and the Grounded Shampoo for my daughter. I love switching between the Luna Love Conditioner for my regular conditioner and Revive Conditioner for a conditioning mask or when my hair feels super dry. I am also obsessed with All Things Oil! I use it on my face to gua sha, on my skin after the shower and even when I have a random rash.

3. What difference have you seen in using these products?

In addition to using Under Luna for myself and my family, I loooove introducing my clients to it. Especially Warrior Shampoo for my clients with extremely fine/oily prone hair as well as those with scalp issues.

4. If you could recommend 1 UL product to a client, which one would it be?

Warrior Shampoo without a doubt!

5. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I love introducing my clients to Under Luna and hearing their positive feedback when they come back in. We have had so many people come into the salon just to buy Under Luna, which is so cool!  

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Dreamboat carries Under Luna in their retail shop and as part of their backbar so you can give it a try when you come in for a cut/trim and take some home with you - the full experience! 

Connect with Stephanie and Dreamboat Salon:

Dreamboat IG: @dreamboatsalon

Stephanie IG: @stephaniebaronihair