Under Luna for All Hair Types – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

Under Luna for All Hair Types

Shampoo = Scalp Health

There isn’t one magic herb that is a cure all for EVERYONE when it comes to hair and scalp types. The magic comes from great sourcing and a deep knowing of the herbal properties and how to combine them. Under Luna shampoo and conditioners are then meticulously formulated to meet the various needs of all scalp and hair types. 

All of our shampoos are focused on our scalp health:  Shampoo = Scalp Health. We start with scalp woes and needs: What does a dry scalp need? What does an oily scalp need?  What does a baby’s scalp need? Each need is unique so our herbal formulas vary based on need. 

Our root extract is the most amazing foundation to treat all of our scalps. It’s hydrating, nutritious, yet gentle and non-stripping. The extract includes sarsaparilla root, quillaia root, wild yam root, yucca root. From there we go deeper to the next layer and mix herbs in an effort to support the various different scalp types and needs.

Our Luna Clear Shampoo combines chamomile, calendula, nettle and plantain to nurture the super fragile scalp of a toddler experiencing cradle cap or a postpartum mom who needs that extra hydration and TLC while nursing a dry scalp and ever-fluctuating hormones.

Grounded Shampoo is for anyone and everyone who has a balanced pH and needs to support their healthy scalp. It’s a balance between hydrating, while feeding and infusing your scalp with cleansing and nutrient rich herbs like lemon balm, chamomile flowers and aromatics like lavender.

Warrior Shampoo layers our root extract with white willow bark and yarrow flowers alongside a myriad of amazing oils to create a more astringent, scalp-healing shampoo. It’s for those who are experiencing an oily scalp while simultaneously struggling with dandruff: Warrior will balance their pH and heal their scalp. Warrior Shampoo is our most popular product for calibrating those excess oils.


Conditioner = Hair Health

Our conditioners are all made with plant-derived ingredients. The conditioner base is loved by all hair types because it’s hydrating, gentle and effective; the main ingredient is an emulsifying wax derived from the colza plant.

Our conditioners protect and hydrate the hair. We identify 4 main hair types so 4 conditioner options depending on hydration needs.

Each conditioner varies in its density and hydration levels. If your hair is fine, thick, curly, coily, dry or oily, we’ve got you.

Luna Love Conditioner is our most lightweight conditioner. Best for fine hair because it’s the least dense but still full of hydrating and luscious herbs like chamomile, avocado and jojoba oil.

Luna Clear Conditioner is our most versatile product. It has a beautiful texture that’s great for most hair types and very hydrating. Packed with chamomile, calendula, jojoba oil and extremely healing with our rosemary and bay hydrosol, nutrient rich nettle and plantain.

Serenity and Revive Conditioner are for those with drier hair and/or wavy curly hair. Let your curls swim in either of these products and they will plump right up due to the various oils and herbs we have hand selected for each. 

Serenity Conditioner is best for fine to medium hair.

Revive Conditioner is our most dense conditioner, is best for medium to thick hair.  However if you’re looking for a luxurious overnight hair mask, no matter your hair type, it’s wonderful for all!