Deep Magic Hair + Scalp Serum – UNDER LUNA™

By carly castillo

Deep Magic Hair + Scalp Serum

Our Ancient Remedy Hair + Scalp Oil received a little makeover - a new name and a new scent: meet Deep Magic Hair + Scalp Serum. All other ingredients, benefits, usage and potency are just the same. 

Deep Magic Serum delivers a whole host of uses. You can indulge your scalp with its oils and herbs as a scalp treatment to use a small amount on your ends as a protectant. It can be used on kids, and is nursing and pregnancy safe!

Ylang ylang, the primary aromatic is an oil I used for our original Warrior Shampoo (way back in 2017) and a scent that I keep coming back to. Everyone loved it! I thought it would be fun to bring back. It has so many therapeutic benefits for the hair and scalp. Great for hair loss or hair growth, helps lock in moisture, balance oils, to name a few.

Sweet Orange is a wonderful compliment to the exotic, sultry ylang ylang. It’s bright and uplifting.

Add a Deep Magic to your next order and work it into your routine.